Employment & Civil Law Attorney John R. Tatulli

A respected law firm with an impressive reputation, the Law Offices of John R. Tatulli is known for its continued delivery of favorable resolutions for the region’s hardworking employees. New Jersey and New York termination attorney John Tatulli works hard to ensure that the residents of New Jersey and New York are treated fairly in the workplace. His passion and commitment are greatly appreciated by his clients, who are continually impressed by the desired outcomes he achieves in court.

Practice Areas

The Law Offices of John R. Tatulli is located in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. John Tatulli serves a variety of clients residing throughout New Jersey and New York. He is familiar with employment regulations in both states, along with the region’s legal climate. This extensive knowledge stems, in part, from his continued involvement in several influential associations, including the National Employment Lawyers Association and the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Employment Law Section, among others. No matter how they’ve suffered in the workplace, all of John Tatulli’s clients enjoy in-depth legal counsel from an employment attorney who truly cares. By focusing exclusively on employment law, John Tatulli is better able to provide the targeted legal service his clients require.


John Tatulli is determined to bring justice to the wonderful employees of New Jersey and New York, many of whom fail to receive the recognition they deserve for their hard work. These employees desperately need somebody who actually cares to stand up for their rights — and they’ve found a faithful advocate in John Tatulli.

Whether you’ve been sexually harassed in the workplace, mistreated as a whistleblower, or wrongfully terminated from your place of employment, you owe it to yourself to hold problematic employers accountable. Your willingness to stand up for yourself could prevent other employees from suffering the same fate. Furthermore, with a New Jersey and New York termination attorney’s assistance, you can bring about a valuable sense of closure. To learn more, reach out to the Law Offices of John R. Tatulli.