Took a case that no one wanted

John has renewed my faith in our legal system. Other attorneys told us ” no way, no how…too political”. John has successfully moved the case thru the courts and we are proud to say he represents us.

- (5 star review)

Passion in a Purpose Driven Counselor

I hired Mr. Tatulli on three cases and he successfully represented me by winning a case by exposing a mayor who fabricated data against me (wrongful termination/suspension). His research and closing statements unequivocally won over the city council resulting in my reinstatement. Mr. Tatulli provides the legal knowledge, constant and effective communication, die-hard commitment, the highest level of integrity, and the demonstrated ability to take on any firm that is believed to be a legal industry champion and slay them with his stone of intelligence and a slingshot of passion that is second to none. The second (defamation) and third (employment) cases are ongoing and positive results have been evidenced with the defamation case and we are confident of the outcome for the employment case. He is David “the counselor” seeking justice against what often appears to be legal Goliaths!

- (5 star review)

My advocate and my hero!

John Tatulli is an outstanding attorney, advocate, and consiglieri. John has represented my interests in several cases and has been successful 100% of the time. I would recommend anyone who seeking an ethical, energetic, intelligent, and trustworthy attorney, retain John Tatulli immediately.

- (5 star review)