What Is Wrongful Termination in NJ & NY?

Being laid off or fired from your job does not necessarily constitute wrongful termination. If you are not under an employment contract, New Jersey and New York employment laws allow your employer to fire you without an expressed reason. However, there are certain instances where your employer could be found guilty of wrongful termination.

The first of these reasons is if you are terminated due to discrimination. Your employer cannot fire you because of your sex, gender, race, national origin, age, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation or marital status. If you feel that one of these is the cause of your termination, you need to speak with a lawyer right away. Second, if you are under an employment contract that is written or implied, and that contract states that you can’t be fired during a specific period of time, then your employer may be liable.

Handling Wrongful Termination with a Wrongful Termination Lawyer in NJ/NY

If you have been fired, it’s important to talk to a lawyer right away to determine if you have been fired wrongfully and have a case to build. John Tatulli of the Law Offices of John R. Tatulli will help you sort through the details of your case to determine if wrongful termination law has been violated.

If you have a clear New Jersey or New York wrongful termination case, John Tatulli will then help you build a case to take to court to protect your rights as an employee. As a wrongful termination lawyer in New Jersey and New York, John Tatulli can look beyond the obvious and find the hidden details of your case and will work hard to prove that you were terminated wrongful so you can get the compensation you deserve.

Don’t let wrongful termination in New Jersey or New York hurt your ability to enjoy a fulfilling career. Contact wrongful termination lawyer John Tatulli today!